Monday, April 9, 2012


Well first off, I just got the news, i´m getting trasferred to Livramento!
It's a city down on the border of Uruguay, close to Quarai, Livramento
is basically together with another city called Rivera, they are
basically one city together, but the internacional border of Brasil
and Uruguay cuts them in half right in middle. Cool right?
Also, I will be a trainer there, and I won´t even be any sort of
leader, just a trainer (that will be a weight off my shoulders, it's
been over a year since i was called Zone Leader).
My area there will be called Planalto.

I am kinda sad though, because there are some awesome people that we
are teaching right now that are going to be baptized this transfer.
This week I did a division with Elder Pagotto. It was really good, he
is awesome. He is district leader in Itaqui, way far away.
Gelsom and Judith, this family that came to General Conference is
doing super well and are going to get baptized, also Leandro is doing
quite well, also going to get baptized.
This week we got together some of the young men from the ward and 2 of
their friends, taught them, and they came to church on Sunday and
liked it a lot.
I also got some news from Elder Menk that some people we taught there
in Santa Maria finally got baptized, sweet!
Anyways, i need to go make my bags!!!

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