Monday, May 28, 2012

A Heartbreaker

Well this week was a so so week.
We have been having difficulty finding new investigators, but we have
a few good people we are teaching.

There are a lot of people returning to the ward right now, a lot of
less actives coming back, and so we are spending a lot of time
teaching them all the stuff they need to know to be real members.  And
we are hoping to be able to find new investigators through them.  We
are doing our best to not just knock doors all day, because it is a
super inneffective way of working.  We are focusing our efforts on
finding new investigors through the members, that is what the
prophets have said we must do.

Other than that ,things have been good.
We are teaching a great family named Joni and Anahi.  They are doing
well.  Anahi read from the title page of the BOM to 1 Nephi10 in 3
days, and Joni, though he hasn't been reading as much, has been looking
up the church website and stuff.  Though unfortunately, they didn't come
to church. That was a heartbreaker.  I don't know what happened.
Hope you are all doing awesome!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Sapateiro Saves the Day!

Well today I have not much time---

On Monday I got my shoes all fixed up.  I took them to a
sapateiro (guy that fixes shoes) and he put a new heel on them, so
now those other ones that are all ripped up that I have been using, I
can throw away, good thing!  I think the members of the ward were
about to pool in money together to buy me new shoes! haha.

We are teaching a cool young couple named Joni and Anahi. They are
doing well. Joni remarked about changes he had seen in their family,
and we said, "This is the power of the Holy Ghost", he then responded,
"Well if that's the Holy Ghost, he sure is powerful!"  haha.

The work is going well. we are trying hard to work with the members,
so that our work may be most effective. Elder Hormazabal is
excellent. He has got plenty of great ideas and things that he learned
in the MTC.  He is from Vina del Mar, Chile.

Mom and dad,  this week I am going to try to plan all of the week that
you will be here and get that all organized.  I found a good
hotel here for you both, and I know of a perfect hotel for you to stay
at in Santa Maria.  The rest I don't know.  I  need to see somehow about a
trip to Iguazu Falls. can you look that up on the internet?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Surprise Baptism

We have been working hard with the ward, doing our best to help all
the members contribute to the ward's growth, and we have seen some good
results of this. We are seeing the faith of the members increase, and
there has been an increased enthusiasm for ward growth.

OnThursday we taught Dani, who is the girlfriend of a member, Tiago,
that is coming back to church, and she accepted our invitation to be
baptized on the 26th! Now we just have to teach her all of the
commandments and help her to keep them.

To create more opportunities to find new investigators and encourage
members to invite their friends, we are going to start an English
class and also a Book of Mormon Study class on Wednesday nights in the
chapel. So we went to a school nearby, and asked if we could announce
the class.  It was pretty funny.  They basically just let us in, go
around and knock on all the classroom doors, and the teachers let us
in without even asking who we were and what we were doing!  Haha!
But something cool happened.

Last week, we were asking members for people to teach, and the seminary
 teacher told of us a boy that is a
friend of a member that came to seminary once. So we went to that
member, and talked to him, and he talked to his friend and arranged a
day we could teach him, which was on the same day that we went to the
school.  And it happened that we went into the classroom of the two I just 
When we entered and introduced ourselves, the boy said, ``you guys
are gonna be at Junior's house tonight right?´´ and so that was funny.
We taught him and he is really good, I think he will be baptized in a
few weeks. Then on this same day, a member told us that her fiancèe,
who had been taught all the missionary lessons before and been to
church, would be in town the next day, and wanted to be baptized, so
the next day we went to her house, met him, talked to him and stuff to
make sure he was ready, and on Saturday he was baptized  - Fun story.

I am working on my Spanish with Elder Hormazabal. I am almost finished
the book of Alma in Spanish. Also when we pop over to Uruguay I get to
speak a bit. Today I downloaded some conference talks in Spanish to
listen to. Elder Scott records his talks in Spanish and Portuguese as
well as English, and so I am going to listen to him in Spanish.

*Mother's note - Happy Birthday Alex!*

Monday, May 7, 2012

a HORRIBLE heyboeard

so heres the deal, teh computer im at right now has a HORRIBLE
heyboeard, so please aexcuse all the typing mistakes, there aarejust
goingt o be ato many to correct all of them.

This week I feel was a good week for us.  We started to see more
results of our work these last few weeks.  We are teaching
Danny who is the girlfriend of a guy named Tiagoa who is
returning to the church.  Tiago is a really good guy and he is really
decided on returning to the church.  Danny is also doing really well,
and we are hoping the she will be baptized this month.

We also taught this guy named Jardela, who is really good and wants to
be baptized.  But he is in the military, and traveled to a nearby
city, Bagé, for a week and a bit for military track and field
competitions, but he said he would be reading the Book of Mormon and
such.  He is good.

We are trying hard here to work with the members. One idea we had
was that we made a little message to the members, asked for them
to pray for us and talk about the gospel with friends, and then we
are going to buy magnets, and glue the magnets on the back, and
then go give it to the members to put it on their refridgerators.
We watched a lot of the Preach My Gospel videos this week.  They are
really good how they work with the members and such.
We are also working with some other really good less active
members that are coming back to church.  The ward is

On Saturday we walked a TON and we decided to do some exploring of
our area, to see what it had. So, we ended up walking about 5 miles or
so up to the northern part of our area where there is a lake and
stuff,  because our map said there were houses, but there turned out
to be basically none. Haha.
Tell Boone congratulations for being baptized!

Alex said, "Good Luck finding me!" - my mother's eye picked him out right away, last row standing before the stage, just to the right of center