Monday, May 28, 2012

A Heartbreaker

Well this week was a so so week.
We have been having difficulty finding new investigators, but we have
a few good people we are teaching.

There are a lot of people returning to the ward right now, a lot of
less actives coming back, and so we are spending a lot of time
teaching them all the stuff they need to know to be real members.  And
we are hoping to be able to find new investigators through them.  We
are doing our best to not just knock doors all day, because it is a
super inneffective way of working.  We are focusing our efforts on
finding new investigors through the members, that is what the
prophets have said we must do.

Other than that ,things have been good.
We are teaching a great family named Joni and Anahi.  They are doing
well.  Anahi read from the title page of the BOM to 1 Nephi10 in 3
days, and Joni, though he hasn't been reading as much, has been looking
up the church website and stuff.  Though unfortunately, they didn't come
to church. That was a heartbreaker.  I don't know what happened.
Hope you are all doing awesome!

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