Monday, May 21, 2012

The Sapateiro Saves the Day!

Well today I have not much time---

On Monday I got my shoes all fixed up.  I took them to a
sapateiro (guy that fixes shoes) and he put a new heel on them, so
now those other ones that are all ripped up that I have been using, I
can throw away, good thing!  I think the members of the ward were
about to pool in money together to buy me new shoes! haha.

We are teaching a cool young couple named Joni and Anahi. They are
doing well. Joni remarked about changes he had seen in their family,
and we said, "This is the power of the Holy Ghost", he then responded,
"Well if that's the Holy Ghost, he sure is powerful!"  haha.

The work is going well. we are trying hard to work with the members,
so that our work may be most effective. Elder Hormazabal is
excellent. He has got plenty of great ideas and things that he learned
in the MTC.  He is from Vina del Mar, Chile.

Mom and dad,  this week I am going to try to plan all of the week that
you will be here and get that all organized.  I found a good
hotel here for you both, and I know of a perfect hotel for you to stay
at in Santa Maria.  The rest I don't know.  I  need to see somehow about a
trip to Iguazu Falls. can you look that up on the internet?

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