Monday, May 7, 2012

a HORRIBLE heyboeard

so heres the deal, teh computer im at right now has a HORRIBLE
heyboeard, so please aexcuse all the typing mistakes, there aarejust
goingt o be ato many to correct all of them.

This week I feel was a good week for us.  We started to see more
results of our work these last few weeks.  We are teaching
Danny who is the girlfriend of a guy named Tiagoa who is
returning to the church.  Tiago is a really good guy and he is really
decided on returning to the church.  Danny is also doing really well,
and we are hoping the she will be baptized this month.

We also taught this guy named Jardela, who is really good and wants to
be baptized.  But he is in the military, and traveled to a nearby
city, Bagé, for a week and a bit for military track and field
competitions, but he said he would be reading the Book of Mormon and
such.  He is good.

We are trying hard here to work with the members. One idea we had
was that we made a little message to the members, asked for them
to pray for us and talk about the gospel with friends, and then we
are going to buy magnets, and glue the magnets on the back, and
then go give it to the members to put it on their refridgerators.
We watched a lot of the Preach My Gospel videos this week.  They are
really good how they work with the members and such.
We are also working with some other really good less active
members that are coming back to church.  The ward is

On Saturday we walked a TON and we decided to do some exploring of
our area, to see what it had. So, we ended up walking about 5 miles or
so up to the northern part of our area where there is a lake and
stuff,  because our map said there were houses, but there turned out
to be basically none. Haha.
Tell Boone congratulations for being baptized!

Alex said, "Good Luck finding me!" - my mother's eye picked him out right away, last row standing before the stage, just to the right of center

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