Friday, July 30, 2010

Off to Brazil!!!

Big news!!! Elder Poulsen got his visa and will be leaving Tuesday morning for the Brazil MTC!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Unclogging the Visa Faucet

"So, along with my portugues scriptures, they give us a super weird bible. The church hasn't come out with an official church bible with all the cross sections and stuff, so we have this regular one, and it has a lame plastic cover, so when i get down to Brasil, I want to buy a super awesome hardcore one, preferably genuine leather with a huge cross on the front. haha
My companion and I read this super awesome article on that was run in the Ensign in the 80s. It is an 8 part article called "How the Bible came to be". It is really really interesting and goes over the history of the bible. Its quite amazing. there were many inspired men throughout its history, like John Wycliffe and another guy who translated the Bible into English whose name I can't remember. It was cool reading quotes from these guys, because they, the guys going against the church, knew the common people needed the scriptures, knew that they needed the spirit with them while they translated. Just as we know the spirit is required to day.
Also, I was in the library the other day, and saw Justin's name on one of the bags for the new missionaries, and slipped a note into it haha.
If I could sum up all i've learned at the MTC in one word, it would be Obedience.There are like a million rules, but as we follow them, we can have God's power with us at all times.
I'm getting really good at teaching (relatively). We do a lot of role plays
and as for general authorities, there haven't really been any. but apparently like every general authority was here like a month ago for the new mission presidedent training.
I got some baking from Katrina yesterday, so that was pretty sweet, also tell Nana and papa thanks for the letters!
Excellent news!!!!!! 54 Brazil Visas came in yesterday, not mine, but two guys in my disctrict got them. And then one of the main supervisors of the travel office told us that 200 BRAZIL VISAS are coming next week!!!!!
I guess the visa faucet has finally been unclogged!"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

MTC Ramblings.....

"This week has been fun. cool things have happened, like my friend Elder Anderson dropping a salt shaker in my beef stew and getting it all over me. Also, Sean Vang is on my floor in my residence hall, 5M, the Erastus snow building, and so is Kevin Martin. I saw Will clason yesterday too. I've seen Ryan a few times. I gave him a big hug and talked to him for a bit. I am super exited for Justin to get here next week. Eu falo portugues muito bem e portugues e otimo. My teachers are cool. Playing soccer out on the missionary field is super fun. I was going to send some pictures in this email but I couldn't find my phone cord, so I will try to send some pictures in the mail. This email is a lot of rambling. I am learning a lot. We have been learning about gettting to know investigators personally so we know how to teach them. We have been watching video interviews of people from this awesome video project called 6 Billion Others (check it out) and then discussing how we would teach each person, and what their needs are. I think the reason this email is so much rambling is because i've been so busy and I don't know what to talk about."

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elder Poulsen's First Email

Alex sent his first email to his brother Connor - wassswiththaaat??? He said it was for the whole family. Anyway, here are a few exerts:

"Well, the MTC is super hard-core. It is extremely structured, which is very hard to get used to for me, but it is really fun. I have been learning a lot of portugues, and learning a (turn on nacho voice) "buttload of crap about the gospel".
I saw Mitch *cough* Elder Paul like less than 5 minutes after getting here, and I have seen him a few times since. I also saw Jim and Maryanne twice. I have also been seeing a ton of people from our stake, its crazy. Elder Boyer, Elder Trotter, Elder Rozier, Elder Poh, Sister Rasmussen, Elder Hansen, Elder Watson, Elder Brandon, and probably a ton more i am forgetting.
I have also been seeing a ton of my shippmates from BYU!
Also, I got the pajamas today from nana, they look sweet thanks!
and Write me more letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the ones you've already sent!
I'll send some pictures for the blog next week. Bye!"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flying to Utah to enter the Provo MTC

This morning Elder Poulsen flew out of the Fresno International Airport. He arrived in SLC where he was picked up by his Aunt Tiffany and she delivered him to the MTC via the In-N- Out drive through. He was even able to visit with his cousin Chris, who was catching a ride down to Provo, and have a few last minute conversations with family on Tiff's cell phone. Current address is :
Elder Alexander Jay Poulsen
MTC Mailbox # 308
BRA-SM 0907
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793