Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elder Poulsen's First Email

Alex sent his first email to his brother Connor - wassswiththaaat??? He said it was for the whole family. Anyway, here are a few exerts:

"Well, the MTC is super hard-core. It is extremely structured, which is very hard to get used to for me, but it is really fun. I have been learning a lot of portugues, and learning a (turn on nacho voice) "buttload of crap about the gospel".
I saw Mitch *cough* Elder Paul like less than 5 minutes after getting here, and I have seen him a few times since. I also saw Jim and Maryanne twice. I have also been seeing a ton of people from our stake, its crazy. Elder Boyer, Elder Trotter, Elder Rozier, Elder Poh, Sister Rasmussen, Elder Hansen, Elder Watson, Elder Brandon, and probably a ton more i am forgetting.
I have also been seeing a ton of my shippmates from BYU!
Also, I got the pajamas today from nana, they look sweet thanks!
and Write me more letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the ones you've already sent!
I'll send some pictures for the blog next week. Bye!"

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