Saturday, July 17, 2010

MTC Ramblings.....

"This week has been fun. cool things have happened, like my friend Elder Anderson dropping a salt shaker in my beef stew and getting it all over me. Also, Sean Vang is on my floor in my residence hall, 5M, the Erastus snow building, and so is Kevin Martin. I saw Will clason yesterday too. I've seen Ryan a few times. I gave him a big hug and talked to him for a bit. I am super exited for Justin to get here next week. Eu falo portugues muito bem e portugues e otimo. My teachers are cool. Playing soccer out on the missionary field is super fun. I was going to send some pictures in this email but I couldn't find my phone cord, so I will try to send some pictures in the mail. This email is a lot of rambling. I am learning a lot. We have been learning about gettting to know investigators personally so we know how to teach them. We have been watching video interviews of people from this awesome video project called 6 Billion Others (check it out) and then discussing how we would teach each person, and what their needs are. I think the reason this email is so much rambling is because i've been so busy and I don't know what to talk about."

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