Friday, July 23, 2010

Unclogging the Visa Faucet

"So, along with my portugues scriptures, they give us a super weird bible. The church hasn't come out with an official church bible with all the cross sections and stuff, so we have this regular one, and it has a lame plastic cover, so when i get down to Brasil, I want to buy a super awesome hardcore one, preferably genuine leather with a huge cross on the front. haha
My companion and I read this super awesome article on that was run in the Ensign in the 80s. It is an 8 part article called "How the Bible came to be". It is really really interesting and goes over the history of the bible. Its quite amazing. there were many inspired men throughout its history, like John Wycliffe and another guy who translated the Bible into English whose name I can't remember. It was cool reading quotes from these guys, because they, the guys going against the church, knew the common people needed the scriptures, knew that they needed the spirit with them while they translated. Just as we know the spirit is required to day.
Also, I was in the library the other day, and saw Justin's name on one of the bags for the new missionaries, and slipped a note into it haha.
If I could sum up all i've learned at the MTC in one word, it would be Obedience.There are like a million rules, but as we follow them, we can have God's power with us at all times.
I'm getting really good at teaching (relatively). We do a lot of role plays
and as for general authorities, there haven't really been any. but apparently like every general authority was here like a month ago for the new mission presidedent training.
I got some baking from Katrina yesterday, so that was pretty sweet, also tell Nana and papa thanks for the letters!
Excellent news!!!!!! 54 Brazil Visas came in yesterday, not mine, but two guys in my disctrict got them. And then one of the main supervisors of the travel office told us that 200 BRAZIL VISAS are coming next week!!!!!
I guess the visa faucet has finally been unclogged!"

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