Monday, June 4, 2012

Word of Poulsen Family Scripture Study Makes It To Brazil

This week we did an AWESOME ward activity. We did a ward talent show,
and it was really good.  It really brought the ward to life. Lots of
people came and it was really great. It strengthened greatly the
friendship and bond between the members.

Elder Hormazábal was the announcer, it was great, and I played and
sung a song I wrote that was an extended metaphor for missionary work,
everyone in the ward loved it and said that I should be professional,
haha. All of the ward participated with something different.  It was
awesome. The super awesome part was that the couple we are teaching,
Joni and Anahi came, and liked it a lot.  They were very well recieved
by the members.  They said they would definitely come to church on
Sunday, but very unfortunately didnt come! That was a bummer.
But also some inactive people came, felt loved by the ward, and DID
come to church on Sunday, so that was really awesome.

Speaking of church, this week was STAKE CONFERENCE with.... Elder
Carlos Godoy of the First Quorum of the Seventy!! It was way good. The
Stake Center here in Livramento is very small, and so we ended up
standing.  There was literaly NO SPACE at all.  We also had a fun
surprise.  Our Bishop, Marcello, was called to be 2nd Counseler in the
Stake Presidency, so we don't have a Bishop any more!  Elder Godoy
talked for about 40 minutes.  It was really good. He talked about the
importance of Seminary, appropriate dating, and good parenting, and
shared many instructive and funny stories from his own life.

And Mom, and Dad, something you will find interesting:  You were talked
about in the Priesthood Session of the Stake Conference. I wasn't there,
but various members told me this. In President Ribeiro´s talk, he told
all of the Priesthood leaders here that the missionaries here are
really good and stuff, and then apparently he told them of an
experience that I had shared with him about family scripture study.  He 
told all the Priesthood leaders that I had great parents that read
the Book of Mormon with my brothers and I and that I would be
finishing my mission soon, and I had another brother who would soon be
serving a mission! Then the next day on Sunday a few of the Stake
leaders came up to me and said, "oh so you are Elder Poulsen", haha!
So, good job Mom and Dad.  Keep it up!

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