Monday, April 23, 2012


I just sent another audio recording to you all, I hope you receive it, but I will also type a few things.

One thing that is really funny about being with Elder Hormazábal, is that he has different and weird accent problems that the Americans don't have, haha.  For example, I am used to the Americans pronouncing Situação with theEnglish acccent, saying, sitchuação, from our pronunciation of theword situation.  But in Portuguese, the ´´tu´´ in a word does not make the ´´ch´´ sound like in the word ´´Portuguese´´, for example. But he has a whole other set of things.

In Spanish B and V are the same sound.  You can say
either of them, and people will understand you in Spanish, but not so
in Portuguese.  So for example, the word Varrer (to sweep), he
sometimes pronounces ´´Barrer´´.  Also, in Spanish, depending on your
accent, the y sound can also have a sh sound or a soft j sound.  So he
pronounces the word Achar, ajar, and other funny things like that.

This week we had zone conference, in the very same chapel where we had
my first zone conference when I was in Quarai, so weird.  I cannot
believe how time has passed by. 

Also, we had the baptism of David this week. He is a kid that we worked 
with a bit. His mom is a less active member, and he lives also with
his grandma, who is a very active member.  He is a good kid, and as he
continues firm, will serve a mission someday.
Have a good week!

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