Monday, January 30, 2012

Full of Faith and Desire

I don't have much time today so here I go-
My new companion is Elder Nunes. He is from Fortaleza, up in the North of Brazil. He and I arrived on the mission together. So he has a transfer less than me in total because of MTC time. He was baptized only a year and a half before he came on the mission. I had a cool picture to send you all but it´ll have to be sent next week. But things have been good.

Last p-day I read the book (the whole thing)' Lifes Lessons Learned' by Elder Oaks while eating freshly picked grapes from the vine in our backyard. It was really good -very good book. It is a quick and good read. I recommend it.

Do you all remember that story told in General Conference a few years ago about the boy who was an inactive member of the church, who surfed on Sunday mornings, and then his Young Men's President came out in the water to get him on Sunday morning to bring him to church? When I heard that story, I thought it was a really cool story, but it never crossed my mind that I would meet that young boy.
That yound boy is now Elder Araujo, the area Seventy over my mission, and he came to Santo Angelo on Saturday. He did a devotional for all the members, telling everybody that they had to work hard to make a new Stake here, and beforehand, he had an hour and a half long meeting with us and the other missionaries in the city. It was really cool and really good.

I am really excited about where I am at this point on the mission. I feel so excited, and full of more faith and desire than I have been at any other point on the mission. And I feel like at this point, I know how to do stuff pretty well - teach, work, etc. So yea, I´m excited.

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