Friday, January 13, 2012

Santo Ângelo Here We Come!

So, my term as Assistent to the President is coming to an end!
So last Friday we went to Porto Alegre to pick up 4 Americans that just got their visas and got here to Brasil, and then two of them stayed with me and Elder Menk so it was pretty cool. On Saturday I worked with Elder Powell, from Santa Cruz, CA, and on Sunday I worked with Elder Miller from a place near Oakland. It was way cool.

We taught Alexandre and Luciana about temples and eternal marriage, and they accepted our invite to be sealed in the temple in a year!
Also we found and taught this guy named Milton. He is really good. Yesterday we marked Milton's baptismal date for the 28th. He said he will read the whole Book of Mormon before the 28th. Eleven years ago, Milton took a 40 meter fall. He is completely okay today except for that he hit his head in a spot that made it so he cannot use his right leg, nonetheless, he said he would go to church on Sunday even if he had to walk! He is a very interesting guy. He was a catholic monk for a year. We are going to baptize someone who was a monk! So cool! Also currently he is apparently a member of the Knights Templar organization, interesting right?

Anyways, these last few weeks, President had the intention of keeping me here as assistent for a bit more. But then he called me up Saturday morning and asked, "Are you a little tired of your area?" and I said, "Well, not really, but a little bit." So we talked about what he wanted to do with me for the rest of my mission. And we talked and stuff. In the end, I am going to be transferred to Santo Ângelo to be Zone Leader there! I am so pumped. It is going to be way sweet. I told you all about the situation there. There's lots of good work to be done there. The members there are excited about working to make the district into a Stake and so am I! My zone there is going to be huge. The biggest zone in the mission. There will be 15 companionships, 5 cities, and 5 districts in my zone. That is big. It's going to be awesome.

On Sunday, Elder Menk and Elder Powell went to visit Victor, and read D&C 20 with him and Victor got super excited about fulfiling his priesthood duties of teaching and visiting and stuff. Elder Powell asked him if he wanted to serve a mission, and he said he would like to!
Yesterday we visited that Milton guy with Alexandre, it was way good. Alexandre and Luciana are both super exited about serving and participating in church. Anyway, Alexandre said in the lesson, "When me and my wife came to church, we knew this was where we wanted to raise our kids" - so good.
Also other cool news, Elder Jones, my roomate from the MTC is going to be the one that will be taking my place here as assintent, cool right?
Also the area where I am going is an area where a lot of my companions have already served. Elder Marx, Elder Wiscomb, and Elder Black all served there.

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