Monday, January 23, 2012


So, last p-day, that night we taught Laura and then afterward Alexandre and Luciana. Laura is so intelligent and has been studying the scriptures a ton- quite impressive. I joked with her that she would be able to teach Relief Society better than the rest of the sisters at church.

Then we went to Alexandre and Luciana's house with members Caudio and Camila. Camila is Relief Society President, and informed us that she would call Laura to teach a Relief Society class! Haha, so funny how that happened, and also awesome. At Alexandre and Luciana's house we taught a lesson about Lehi's dream. It was way good.

Saturday there was this big Regional Leadership Training, and while we were at the chapel about to do a Family History center activity, we saw like all the church local leadership from the mission. It was cool to see the people I knew.
Sunday Bishop Augusto from my ward in Cruz Alta was visiting relatives here in Santa Maria, and came to our ward. It was way cool to see him.
Also on Sunday we found out that Elder Jones, who was my roomate in the MTC, was going to take my spot as assistant! Cool huh?!
During the afternoon we went and did a bunch of visits with Victor, it was way good. He was talking about how he wants to serve a mission and stuff, he is awesome!

Then on Monday I helped with the transfer and stuff in the office, and at night, Alexandre & Luciana and Laura and her family got together and made me a Churrasco. It was way good.

Then Monday night I was up until 1:30 am packing, and then I woke up at 5:30am to get the bus to SANTO ÂNGELO!

Santo Ângelo is pretty cool. It is probably the nicest city in our mission - well taken care of, beautiful scenery and buildings and such. I am liking it a lot. I lot of my companions served in this area too: Elder Black, Elder Wiscomb, and Elder Marx all served here.

When I got here at the begining of the week, we were living in a really old and horrible apartment, that the missionaries had lived in for a while.
Then the day after, we moved to a new little apartment condo thing. It's way way nicer. And then that day a new companionship came to the area too. We have 3 companionships in our Branch! That is because like I have told you in the past (if you remember) Santo Angelo and the sorrounding cities are very important to the mission right now so that a new stake can be formed!

The move took like 2 days, it ate up a lot of time, but it was worth it. Then the day after the move, we had Zone Leader Counsel in Santa Maria. It was nice going there just to listen and stuff for a change, instead of having to give all the trainings and stuff like the last 6 months.

Lately I have been studying a great deal about Zion and building up Zion. It is a very good study subject.
On Saturday, we went to a meeting with the District Presidency and all the Branch Presidents, and we talked to them about we as the missionaries can do better to help build Zion. It was really good, very helpful.
The District of Santo Angelo is the 2 branches here in Santo Angelo, 2 branches in Santa Rosa (a city one hour to the north, Elder Rodrigues is district leader there right now actually), and one branch in São Luiz Gonzaga, a city a bit to the south west. we need to stregthen these branches, baptize families, and make a stake!!
Have an awesome week!

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