Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feliz ano novo!

Hey lo!
So on Saturday (New Year's Eve) we ate lunch at Alexandre and Luciana´s house. It was really good they invited us over. They told us that the night before, they had done a family night together! They read the Book of Mormon together and made goals for the next year! They even made a little notebook to record all of their family nights and what they did.

We thought New Year's Eve the work would be tough, but it was actually pretty good, we found a pretty good family. Hopefully they progress well.
New Year's night was normal, we went to sleep, and at midnight I got woken up by all the fireworks and stuff, but not very interesting.
New Year's day was kinda lame, everybody was jsut sleeping. Not a very productive day.

This week two men were shot and killed in my area, but mom, don´t worry or have a heart attack or anything. They got killed because they were involved in drug deals and stuff, that's why. Also, we don´t even work on that side of the area (Vila Oliveira, Northwest part of the area) we work all on the south side of the area, nobody gets killed there.

Two days ago an American arrived on the mission who just got his visa. We picked him up with Presidente and then went to Subway (the only Subway that is in my mission boundaries), it was really good. Its been a while. But it is way expensive here. It was like 20 reals for a 30 cm sandwich.

Yesterday we visited Laura. She is doing really well. She seems like she was basically raised in the church. Its crazy.
Victor is also doing really good. We visited him yesterday too.
Here on the mission, for the first time in my life, I have pushed myself so hard that I have really felt my "limit". Of course my limit is always expanding, as I push myself diligently, but here on the mission, we really push ourselves to the limit. The limit of Faith, Work, and Desire. I have felt myself push up to the bumper, really feeling that I am doing all I can do. But I know that there is more that must be done. My boundaries must be expanded.
Thinking and reflecting about this last year and the next has been a very interesting experience. 2011 passed very fast. My only full year that I got to spend as a missionary. It has been an amazing year. As Elder Matthew Richardson said of his mission in General Conference, this last year truly has been the best year for my life.
I think back to where I was a year ago (in Quaraí, companions with Elder Martini still) and I think about where I will be one year from now. Just as this last year was so vitally important in my life, the year ahead will be equally important. I will have to make many important decisions in the next year. This next year is going to get split in two halves for me. Mission, and post- mission. I look forward anxiously to it all.
Boa semana para vocês

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