Monday, February 6, 2012

"Come on in!"

-The grapevine in back of our house - yum- When we made tacos last week
- and the huge cathedral in the Centro

So Monday night after p-day, we went and visited Carlos. He has been going to church for over a year and is not baptized, due to a few complications. Elder Marx was teaching him when he was here. We had found out that Friday was his 46th birthday, so we went to his house, and we talked to him about how things were going to be able to get worked out so that he could be baptized, and we marked his baptism for his birthday! It was awesome!

This week I went to a city a bit north of here called Santa Rosa, and did a division with Elder Rodrigues, that was my companion for a week. It was a real good division. Santo Rosa was a cool city. We worked hard this week. We found a lot of good new investigators. And the Branch attendence finally increased to 90. It had been down at 65 for like a month, but now we are moving forward again. The normal attendance here is like 100 I think (which is reasonably good in my mission).

Yesterday we found a really good family. We were literally at the very end of the city, in a new neighborhood that's being built, with only like 2 finished houses per block, ya know?
And at the very end, there was a big blue house on a corner (with just hills and fields after, literally the end). We knocked at their open garage (its like this big garage/kitchen/living room combo, kinda cool, like a really big open room) and we heard a voice say, "Come on in!" Boy is that something we love to hear! We taught them and they were very interested. We left a Book of Mormon with them and stuff, I'm excited to teach them this week.

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