Monday, February 13, 2012

I'll try to remember....

The little blue building is where we live

This was our lunch we made today, its called Carreteiro. Its a tradition and unique Gaucho meal, i´ll make it for you all some time and tell you its history

Carlos´s baptism, last week

This week I forgot my journal, so I don't know what to write about. I'll try to remember...

On Tuesday, Elder Claudio Costa came to our mission (he used to be in the Presidency of the seventy but now is the Brazil Area President). It was amazingly good -wow. He truly taught as someone having authority and not as the pharisees. After he had a meeting with us Zone leaders. It was really good.

Our work here in Santo Angelo is doing quite well. After a few weeks of work I am now finally happy with our teaching group. We have a good amount of people. We are teaching some really good familes. I am really excited about baptizing them in the coming month.
Everyday I am amazed with how much I learn and have learned on the mission. It really is absolutely amazing. On thing I have been realizing is that the hard part about missionary work is the mental part, the physical is easy. But to really do a good job, and have your "eyes fixed upon the glory of God" it takes a great deal of mental exertion to focus on what you are doing and not anything else.
Have a good week everyone!
I look forward to hearing more from you next week.

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