Friday, September 30, 2011

Isso Aí Rapaz

So, on friday we had Zone Conference. It was way good. We learned about Faith. It was really good.
Saturday was kinda crazy. During the afternoon, Victor called us and said, "Can you guys come over here?" So yea, he said he had a few doubts and questions about stuff, and wasn't sure if he was ready to be baptized. So we dropped our lessons we had marked, and went right over to his house. After teaching for an hour about a certain commandment that literally nobody in Brazil keeps except for church members, we asked him what he thought, and he said, "I think I should be baptized!" So the baptism was saved!
His baptism was really good. Quite awesome. He bore his testimony to everyone. It was really good.
He is doing great. I gave him a Gospel Art Book afterward (do you know what those are?) and explained how all the scriprture references are in the front, and he said, "Awesome, I´ll study all these stories!" Anderson, our ward mission leader said it's been a while since he's seen a baptism as good as Victor.
Also, we are teach this old couple called João and Vilma. João is a famous Gaucho Musician. He has like 10 CDs apparently. The most interesting part is that he doesn't have a left hand, and he plays guitar. He was born without a hand there - just a little stub deal with like a stub thumb thing. So he plays guitar in a really crazy cool manner. He uses a right hander guitar (normal), but he switches it around as if he was left handed, puts a strap pick on his stub, and plays all the chords upside down. Insane. he played a song for us thats going to be on his next album.
Monday morning, we woke up at 5:30am, and hiked up this 'mountain' that's not too far from our house. It was way cool. There was a really good view, as you can see in the pictures. We went with 8 other missionaries from our Zone. It was way cool, but tiring. I ended up with sore muscles for the next few days.
Also- super cool experience. Elder Heleno, who was living with me here last transfer, he is now in Cruz Alta 1, where I was, in Rafael and David´s ward, and I talked to him Monday morning. I asked how Rafael was doing, and he said, "Just a sec, he´s right here, we are going to play soccer right now, so he gave the phone to Rafael and I got to talk to him for a few minutes. It was cool. He told me how he is going out and doing visits with the missionaries there a lot, and how he is preparing to serve a mission already! I talked to Elder Tafoya, who is still Zone leader in Cruz Alta, and he said that the Bishop told Rafael that when he has 11 months as a member, he can send in his missionary papers! Crazy awesome huh?! That is just about the best result ever you can get as a missionary - people you baptize serving a mission.
These last two days I did a division (or exchange, whatever you call them in English) with Elder Freitas who is working in Alegrete. He came here, and Elder Albrechtsen went there for 2 days. It was cool. Elder Freitas is from the Northeast. Unfortunately, most of our lessons fell through, but it was good.

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