Friday, September 2, 2011

Spray Paint Artist

So this week has been quite the week
1- soccer field
2- spray paint artist
3- The painting he made for me
4-ran out of BOMs, so we had to use the old ones
5- s鉶 martinho (mother's note: No idea what this says so I thought I would leave it. I usually edit this stuff out)

So last p-day was way cool. w
We went to this fair that was happening and there was this Chilean guy there doing these paintings with spraypaint. This one I sent he did in 5 minutes, and it was 10 Reals. It was way cool. Really amazing watching him do it. He would use all sorts of techniques to get the shapes and colors he wanted. Very cool. He did this one at my request.
Also, last p-day I ended up talking on the phone with Felipe, the ward Clerk from Cruz Alta 1. He called me with question about some baptismal records in the office, but I talked to him a bit, and asked him how Rafael, Alice, and David are doing over there in Cruz Alta. He said that they are doing really awesome. He said they are all really involved and exited about the church. David is Elder's Quorum secretary and Rafael has been doing lots of visits with the Elders that are there right now. Felipe said, "Yea we all like them a lot, thanks for baptizing them." Haha and I said, "Thanks for taking care of them." Experiences like this are among the best on the mission.

I am about finishing reading 'Our Heritage' for the second time. It's a good book. I was realizing a lot how little we sacrifice compared to the early saints. We really have it easy. We have done nothing. There is so much more faith to be had. I taught a guy from Christian Science the other day for the first time on my mission. It's that religion started by Mary Baker Eddy. I remember learning about in in AP US history.
So basically they just believe in the Bible from a spiritual point of view. In fact, they don't
really believe in the bible as much as they do this Bible interpretation book by Mary Baker Eddy.

Also, it was cool, the other day Elder Albrechtsen and I got interviewed for someone's school religion project.

Have you all seen that new short church movie about John Tanner? I encourage you all to watch it. It is way good. It really shed new light for me on the parable of the pearl of great price, (matthew 13).

On monday we went to a nearby city, S鉶 Martinho, to visit a recent convert. Her name is Vania. She is married to a guy named Emmanuel who is a member that was a missionary and even bishop here in Santa Maria, but fell away from the church after his divorce. Now he is married to Vania, for 8 years, and they decided to come back to church. She was not a member, and also they don't have the church in S鉶 Martinho. It's a way small city, so they had to come here.
we are working with some really good investigators right now that we are exited about. I
learned a lot this week in my personal studies.

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