Friday, September 9, 2011

Patricia got Baptized!

So this next week is going to be really crazy for us because it's transfer week, but first, lets talk about this last week.

On monday I found out that Patricia from Cruz Alta got baptized!!! I am so happy for her. I couldn´t believe it. Last week, she kicked Carlos out of the house, and got baptized! Carlos is the guy she was with. He was a cool guy. He drunk, and didn't want to let her go to church and stuff like that. So, on Monday of that week she decided she had had it, and sent him away! I´m so happy for them. Rafael is also doing super awesome! I was talking to Elder Tafoya and Elder Gingell on the phone, 2 of the Elders in Cruz Alta, and they said that Rafael is being the best member missionary there is, and he only got baptized like 3 months ago! They said he got like 5 of his friends together for them to teach! Also, they said he bore his testimony this last Sunday. Their family is doing super awesome.

On Tuesday we put on an activity at the church and everyone liked it a lot. There where like 80 people there. We did a little show with some skits, and then there was a food contest, everyone brought a plate of food. It was really good, everyone loved it. We are hoping to get everyone more exited about working with us and stuff like that, and we hope that as we continue to do activities, the members will want to invite their friends and stuff like that. It´ll be good.

So here's my schedule for next week- On Tuesday, early morning, we get on the bus with all the people going home (including Elder Belnap), and go to Porto Alegre, we drop them off there, and then we pick up all the newbies. We come back with them, and do a dinner at President´s house, then the next day we do a training for all the newbies. Then on Friday there's going to be the leadership counsel, in which we will also give trainings.
Then we will try to work in what other time we have. SWEET!

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