Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bringing to Pass the Reunion of the Elect

Well p-day got switched to Thursday this week because tomorrow we have Zone Conference.
Well, this week has been good.

This Sunday we will have the baptism of Victor. Victor is so awesome.
He came to church last Sunday in a suit. He has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot, taking it with him on the bus to the college where he studies. He has really been feeling the power of the Holy Ghost in his life. He asked us where he could get paintings like the ones in the chapel, because he wants to put them up in his room and stuff. We taught him about the commandments, and we talked about how living the commandments, we learn to know that they are true, and he said, "I know, its true. Ever since I started coming to church, I have been feeling so good, so much happier."

The other day I finished reading a book called "Following Christ" that I found here in the house. It's by Stephen Robinson. It was a good book. It explains basic gospel principles, but in a really good way. The 20th was cool. It's a holiday, gaucho day, so we had a yummy Churrasco at bishop's house. Our bishop is from Paraguay, but he served a mission here in Santa Maria, and afterward moved back here. I grabbed another book from him to read, "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff" . It has been pretty good.

That day we also taught Antonio, our investigator that is from Peru that has been investigating the church for 4 years. He finally read the Book of Mormon! We had a really good lesson with him. Basically, the reason he hasn't been baptized is because he doesn't feel like he has a testimony yet, because he hasn't read the BOM, like at all really, just a few parts. But he read 18 chapters this last week!

Things are going well. Being a missionary is the best thing ever. We get to bring to pass the reunion of the Lord's elect, and see many lives changed. I hope you are all doing well!

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