Friday, October 7, 2011

Musical Fusion

Me Flying

So, we have been teaching this guy Antonio from Peru. He is so awesome, I love him. He has been investigating the church for like 4 years, going to church always. He just doesnt feel like he really has a testimony yet, so we are working with him on that. But he told us he wanted to go out on visits with us, even knock doors with us -haha.
I don't think it was necessarily that this conference was better than the others. I think it was more of an internal thing. This conference, I just felt amazingly enlightened. I feel like my testimony of these men as Apostles doubled. They truly do have the same call that Peter James and John had 2000 years ago.

Sunday was really cool. There's going to be this big Stake baptismal service on the 15th, and so us missionaries are going to do this sweet musical number- "Lead Kindly Light". It's going to be a 12 person choir, 3 for each voice, piano, and violin, and we practiced inbetween sessions. It was awesome. It was just so good to actually participate in musical fusion with other people for basically the first time since I have left home (wow). Then after the practice, me, the piano guy, and the violin guy stuck around to play and sing some other hymns just for fun.

This week we did a really long division(like 3 days). So Monday was kinda busy. We did a division with the Zone leaders in Uruguaiana, so I stayed here with Elder Gonzaga (the guy who was my companion for a week) and Elder Albrechtsen went there with Elder Bott. So Monday was busy for me in the office cuz Elder Albrechtsen left at midday, so I had to do everything. The division with Elder Gonzaga was quite enjoyable. I liked it a lot. At one point in the day, all the plans had fallen through, so we pulled out the map, and prayed that we might know where to go to find a person that would love the Book of Mormon, and we found him. His name is TainĂ£. We were only able to teach him real quick about the Book of Mormon, but he was really interested, we will be going back.

Another day, I was studying in Preach my Gospel about serving others to find investigators. We made a goal to try to serve and help others throughout the whole day, and prayed that we might have the opportunities. We were given the oportunities. At lunch a Counselor of the Bishopbric called and asked us to help out a woman with a move. We went. It was a neighbor and friend of the second counselor. We helped her do the whole move, and she told us afterward that she wanted to come to church, and that we were welcome at her house anytime! Excellent.

Then that night, a new missionary that just got his Visa got here. So me and Elder Gonzaga went to the bus station to pick him up. We brought him to President's house, and gave him some orientation- cool. Things have been busy.
Victor is doing super awesome. We are now trying to work with his mom to get her baptized. They both went to General Conference and liked it a lot. Victor is reading the Book of Mormon a ton, his mom too. His mom is really good. She knows the bible a lot, and likes the Book of Mormon a lot too. We are going to do all we can to get her baptized on the 15th!
Have a good week everyone!

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