Friday, October 28, 2011

One Motoboy and a Couple needing to get Married

1- Us with the group that went home

2- Us in the airport with the group that got here

3- Crazy how time passes by - Roomates in the MTC, now we´re two zone leaders and an AP!

Kay so this last week was transfers so it was a tad bit crazy for us.
Last p-day we had a big meeting with President and stuff here in the office. That was cool. This week we started teaching a few really good investigators. We are teaching a guy named Bagé. That's actually not his name, but he is from a city called Bagé, so everyone just calls him Bagé. Anyway, he was a reference from member, and he is really good. He came to church this last week, and we are going to teach him tonight, and we hope to mark his baptismal date. He is way cool. He is like 24, and works as a Motoboy. Motoboy is something we don't really have in the states. A motoboy is a guy who transports people or things by motercycle basically.

Also we started teaching Alexandre and Luciana. They are really good. They are a youngerish couple we found. We were on our way to lunch one day, and Alexandre was in front of his house. I did a contact with him, and we came in and talked to him real quick and did a prayer. Then we just wrote down his address and stuff. On Sunday our plans had fallen through, and so we decided to stop by. We taught them both. The spirit was really strong, and they understood really well. We marked to come back, and we taught them again on Wednesday. They were waiting for us with like homemade bread they made for us and a snack thing (people only do that if they really like you). Alexandre told us he had started to read the Book of Mormon, and I thought to myself, ´´I dont even remember leaving with them a Book of Mormon..?´´. He said that he found it at his mom´s house, and had read the introduction, the testimonies, and the first chapter. He remembered it all super well too. We invited them to church again, and they said that they had already been planning on going! Their only problem is that they are not legally married. So we invited them to be baptized and they accepted but first they have to get married, and that takes like a month in the legal process here. Darn. But they are a really awesome couple. You can really tell that they love each other. They are going to be so awesome in the church.

Monday was really crazy because we had to get the transfer out to everyone. So yea, it was crazy. It was cool though, because Rafael, Patricia, and Mabel came to Santa Maria, so I got to see them a bit. I was sad though because I could'nt spend really any time with them because of all the stuff in the office. But it was really cool to talk to Rafael. He was telling me about how he is serving as 1st counselor in the Young Men's organization, and how he is going to send in his mission papers in March!!!
Tuesday was a weird day. It's the day we take the old people to the airport, and pick up the new ones. It's really weird thinking that these guys´s mission is over. Most of them I´ve known for a while. But it is always really cool to pick up the new missionaries. They are always filled with a great excitement to do the work.
Then on Wednesday we did a training with all the newbies during the morning and afternoon.
Then on Thursday, yesterday, we had the Zone Leader Counsel. It was really good. Presidente Ribeiro did a training about Alma the younger, and how we can apply all of his life to our mission. I gave a training on the Preach My Gospel, How to Begin Teaching.
This last week I have been focusing on becoming a more organized person. I am not really a naturally organized person, but I am working on becoming one, it's going good.
Have an excellent week everyone!

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