Monday, May 2, 2011

A White Shirt and Tie

"This week was a tough week, a lot of lessons fell through, but fortunately we had a lot of good lessons with some good investigators. We are teaching and focusing a lot on families. Baptisms, not just baptisms, but baptisms that will really strengthen the church here. The church is weak in our mission. In the past, missionaries have baptized a lot of people that did not really strenghthen the church.

This week we had stake conference. It was really cool. It was a broadcast in which President Monson, Elder Holland, the Primary President and Elder Gavarrett spoke. It was cool because it was done especially for all the stakes in
Rio Grande do Sul. Elder Gavarrett is from Uruguay and served part of his mission in Livramento, that city we went to a lot when I was in Quarai. It was way cool at the begining of Holland's talk, he said " Bom dia irms", "Good morning brethren" in Portugues, for a second we thought he had the gift of tongues, but then he kept talking in English and the translator guy started talking. Haha.

This week we arrived at one of our family's house and their 4 year old boy was dressed in a white shirt and tie, he had apparently been dressed like that for some school thing, then he got home, took a bath, and then put the same clothes back on because he knew we were coming and he wanted to be dressed like that to see us, he had told his mom that he was Mormon. Haha."

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