Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Report

Well this was a sweet week. I'm now companions with Elder Marx. Tuesday was really busy, we spent a fair part of the day picking people up at the bus station, because this was tranfer week. The bulk of this week was hard, a lot of lessons fell through, but it still ended up really awesome.

Elder Tafoya, Elder Rodrigues´s new companion is a pretty sweet guy, but he also got this crazy bug in his leg. I don't know if you have heard of those. There was some bug in his leg that was eating his flesh apparently, but they got that taken care of, but he still couldn't walk for most of the week. We did some divisions with Elder Rodrigues to visit their investigators.

Contrary to my birthday for you all, my birthday here was awesome. We taught an awesome family, Petri, Jossara, and
Tiago, their 17 year old son and we brought a super awesome member Tiago, who is a radio host. The lesson was way good, Tiago (member)´s testimony was way good. It helped the family a ton. We marked their baptismal date for the 28th. At the end of the lesson I asked them if they believed that the church was true, Petri said, `I think there is a great probablilty that it is´´ haha, Petri is an awesome guy.
Then we visited David, he is awesome too. We also planned his baptism for the 28th. He is 19.

I didn't really tell anyone it was my birthday, I was kinda hoping I would be able to get away with one birthday of my life, without anyone telling me Happy Birthday, haha, it would be some sort of record. Kind of silly, I know.
It lasted until 9:05
We were walking home after teaching David, and then President Ribeiro calls me of all people to wish me Happy Birthday, haha. Then when I got home, Elder Marx made cookies for me. That was sweet. So my birthday was awesome.
Then yesterday was also way awesome. We had some really cool investigators at church, among them, Petri and Jossara. I dropped off Jossara at the Relief Society, nervous about just leaving her there, but I got back after the class, and she had made great friends with the Bishop's wife, sweet! They are liking the church a lot, liking the Book of Mormon. Awesome.
Right now I am in Santa Maria. We have a conference thing of the Zone leaders here at President's house, it's gonna be awesome.
Have an awesome week!

Mother's Note: I think one of the few words he remembers in English is 'awesome' and he has converted the word 'way', for his convenience, into an explicative that can be paired with it.

***11 'awesomes' in this email***

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