Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Sweet Week

"This week was a sweet week. Monday and Tuesday we were in Santa Maria for Zone Leader counsel. It was really good. Monday was P-day, so we spent our time walking around the ´´big city´´ for most of it with Elder Albrechtsen and Elder Anderson, the guys from Uruguaiana, another city. Then we went to President's house at 6 to start the meetings. It was pretty sweet. Elder Black and Elder Wiscomb were there, along with a bunch of other cool guys, we learned a lot of important stuff about being leaders. Then Tuesday we did the same exact thing, except we went to the chapel in Santa Maria to do it. Once again, it was awesome. We learned a lot of important stuff.
This week I have been learning a lot about being more organized. With every companion, you learn something different and extremely important. With Elder Wiscomb, I learned a lot about really loving the people, with Elder Marx I'm learning a lot about be more organized in the work.
This week I felt that we did a specifically awesome job in using members in our lessons, and integrating the people very well with the members. A few of our investigators went to the Relief Society activity this week and loved it! We are teaching a lot of awesome families right now that will strengthen the church here a lot, but unfortunately they have to get married before they can be baptized. A lot a lot a lot of people in Brazil dont get legally married. They just live together and say they're husband and wife. But this week we will baptizie an awesome guy named David. He is already coming to church in a suit! (PS thats super rare here) We have various investigators that have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot which is key. It's awesome.
This morning for p-day we watched 'The Best Two Years'. That was cool and funny. It gets a whole new meaning when you are a missionary. Haha. Well I hope you all have an awesome week!"

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