Monday, May 9, 2011

Joseph Smith's First Prayer

Well this was an interesting week, topped off by talking to my awesome family!
On monday, Elder Wiscomb got a call from the Assistants saying that he could choose if he wanted to get transferred or not, he said he would pray about it and call back. He called back, and told them he couldn't choose and to leave it to President Ribeiro. A few minutes later, Presidente called and told him he would be companions with Elder Black, my MTC companion in Santo Angelo, and my friend Elder Marx, with which I lived for 4 months, will come here and be my companion.

When we teach the Restoration, we sing Joseph Smith's first prayer, and the mom of the little boy in the picture, Patricia, told us that she woke up in the middle of the night hearing us sing it, and it appeared to her as if it were real, she believes it was some sort of answer to her prayers.

This week I was studying and learning a lot about charity, the pure love of Christ, and how
I really have to have charity for all the people I serve, have the same love that Christ has for them, so that they can trust in me the same way they trust in God.

This week, also, we chopped some wood at a family's house that we are reactivating the mom and teaching the daughter. That was a fun change of pace, haha.
It was super awesome to talk to you all yesterday!

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