Monday, April 25, 2011

Feliz Pascua!

"Well this week was a cool week.
This was the THIRD week in a row we did divisions.
On Tuesday we did divisions with the Assistants. I stayed in Cruz Alta with Elder Vianna, and Elder Wiscomb went toSanta Maria with Elder Harris. Elder Harris was my Zone leader in Quarai for all the time I was there, he's an awesome guy. Elder Vianna is awesome too. His last area was my area, Cruz Alta 1. He was companions here with Elder Ball. It was really good doing the division. We learned a lot.
Then on Wednesday, I did a division with Elder Bevans he's from Arizona, that was cool too, but not as cool. Haha
Then on Thursday we had a really awesome experience that I would love to tell you all about but it would take a long time and so I'll have to tell you another time. It was one of the days that I most felt guided by the Lord.
Then on Friday was Holy Friday or whatever they call it in English. Here it's Sexta Feira Santa. The day they celebrate Christ's death. It's a huge holiday here because so many people are Catholic. And even if you aren't Catholic, you still celebrate it and eat fish and stuff. Everything is closed and stuff. And everyone has family over.
On Saturday we had a really good lesson with a woman named Geraldine. She is an interesting woman. She has been going to church for the last few weeks. She has never really had a religion, but is a very spiritual person. She, her son, AND her husband came to church yesterday! It was awesome.
Then also, on Saturday, we had a very difficult lesson with the family of Carlos, Patricia, Raphael, ect. that we are teaching. They are Spiritist (I think that's how you would say it in English) It's not really a religion, but a form of belief that is very popular here in Brazil. Here in Brazil the biggest beliefs are Catholic, Evangelic, and Spiritist, and a lot of times people are both Catholic and Spiritist. Weird. Anyway, Spiritist people believe in reincarnation, but also in Christ. Which is ridiculous because if you read Corinthians 15, Paul makes it clear that you can´t do that!
Anyway, it took us about an hour and a half just to teach the first half of the plan of salvation. Just about every single principle we taught, they had some question, or some conflicting belief to share, haha. But they are a really good family. The mom prayed at the end. She said they want to know what we teach is true, they just have so many questions.
Sunday Carla came to church. She is like 21. We have been reactivating her mom, and teaching her. The only problem with her, is that she is athiest. By the way, I've probably run into less than 10 athiests in the whole mission until now. They are not too common around here. So we have been trying to teach her. Trying to just get her to pray or read the Book of Mormon. Up until the last visit, (earlier this week) she hadn't. She has been very much like the guy in Nacho Libre (´´i only believe in sciiiiience´´) Then she came to church on Sunday (for the first time) and loved it. And apparently said to Elder Ball, who is going home in a few weeks, ´´what a bummer, you won't see my baptism´´ so we have't really talked to her yet. We will tomorrow. But we are thinking she finally prayed or read."

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