Monday, April 11, 2011

8 Investigators in One Sunday!

Here's me and my roomates from the MTC!
Elder Black
Elder Jones
Pretty awesome. They're both way awesome. We were able to meet up at the leadership counsel this week.
It seems like literally just yesterday it was our first day in the MTC. But now we have a little bit more responsibility as Zone Leader, District Leader, and Executive Secretary of the mission.

"Things are going good, except that I forgot my journal at home today and so I'm going to have to tell you about my week from memory. Wednesday was cool because we had another Leadership counsel in Santa Maria, and I got to FINALLY see Elder Black again for the first time since arriving on the mission. He is doing awesome. He is actually living with Elder Marx right now, working in the same area as him, just like we have 4 working in the same area here. It was pretty sweet to go to the counsel and see a lot of people from the whole mission. A few new American Elders arrived on the mission the other day (it's been really bad with visas, I think only like 6 or 7 American Elders have gotten here since I arrived, and one of them, Elder Boiteux, actually met Grandma and Grandpa in Michigan! Pretty crazy. Anyway, it was pretty awesome, and we learned a ton of stuff and all that. Then the next day, Thursday, we did a division with Elder Witt and Elder Nascimento. I went with Elder Nascimento in the other area. It was pretty cool.
Then back to the area and back to hard work!
Things have been good because we are teaching families that I believe will be baptized shortly. We are teaching Carlos, Patricia, Raphael, and Alice. They are way cool, great friends. Raphael is way cool. He is my age, plays the guitar and stuff, and has already been to church 3 times. He believes that he has recieved an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. We just need to focus on helping his parents recieve it. Patricia has been liking our visits so much that she invited a friend. We went to this friend's house on Saturday, made good friends with them, (Jossara, Petri, and 17 year old son Thiago), and taught them. They liked it a lot, and already went to church on Sunday the day after the first visit!. I'm quite exited about working with them. We had 8 investigators at church this Sunday. It made me quite happy. I wish you all an excellent semana."

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