Monday, April 18, 2011

Smart or Dumb?

Well, this week was a crazy week. Especially since I spent half the week outside of Cruz Alta.
District leaders give weekly training lessons in the district meetings about some subjuct or another, aimed at making people better missionaries. As Zone leaders, we do a training for the zone usually once a transfer, and we did this week. I did a training about the importance of questions in our teaching. I learned a ton in the preparation. It was really good. Questions are absolutely everything for making our investigators understand and remember. But the part that you all will find most funny, is that I used as an example how dad always taught us with the simple rhetorical question `smart or dumb?´ I used this example in showing that people learn better when they arrive at conclusions for themselves. It was quite funny, and good.
Anyway, this week I spent 3 days in Ijui, a nearby city, doing 3 divisions in a row, in 3 different areas in a row. It was quite an experience. I worked with Elder Cardoso dos Santos, a guy from my group (that means he has the same amount of time as me the mission and we will go home at the same time), then the next day with Elder Billings, a guy from Texas, and then the next day with Elder Crespo, from the northeast, Recife. I like the division with Elder Crespo best. He has 3 months less than me on the mission. He is really good. He's going to be a great missionary. Ijui is bigger than Cruz Alta, but they have only 6 missionaries there, whereas we have 14 here in Cruz Alta. But the city of Ijui is much more developed and much nicer.
As I said in the last email, we are being quite blessed with the opportunity to teach families. The daughter of one of our families is in the hospital, and so we went there on Saturday and gave her a preisthood blessing. Then on Sunday, some of our awesome investigators made Churrasco for us. Yea. That's what you are seeing in the picture.
This week it was raining a bit again. And here, when it rains, the streets turn into rivers (or waterfalls since there are a lot a lot of hills in our area) I bought a big black guarda chuva the other day for quatorze reais.
Things are a bit interesting on the Mission. For americans to actually arrive on the transfer is really rare. They are generally arriving in the middle of the transfers, whenever they get their visas, but hey, at least they're arriving! The mission is going to be changing a lot in these next months. A huge group of people will get here, and in August, a huge group is leaving. This is going to be crazy because in August, almost all the leadership in the mission will be going home, also it will be crazy because lots of people will have to train new missionaries. But anyway, things are awesome!

Well I hope you all have an awesome week!

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