Monday, April 4, 2011

Leading the Zone......

"So Monday night I went to Santa Maria with a few other guys who were getting transfered. We spent the night there in the Big House ( I don't know if I have told you about this, on transfers we sleep in the secretaries house, they have like 10 bunk beds in the garage.) The new missionaries would arrive at about 6:00pm, one of the Assistants, Elder Gingell went to Porto Alegre with the people going home, and then picked the new people up, and then I did a division for the day with Elder Vianna, the other assistant. Elder Vianna spent 7 months in my area here, Cruz Alta 1, he was companions with Elder Ball here. It was pretty sweet, I learned lots of cool stuff. Then we went to President Ribeiro´s house, where I met up with my new companion, Elder Rodrigues. He's from Curitiba, he will be a great missionary. Then we had a little dinner at President's house and such, goodstuff.
Then the next day, we had trainings by President Ribeiro and the assistants, quite good, and then we went to Cruz Alta.
Then on Thursday we finally got to start working!
It was tough because we were doing what's called ´´opening up´´ the area. That means we didn't have any Investigators, all the Investigators we were teaching (lots and lots of really good ones, families) stayed with Elder Ball and Elder Wiscomb, so the work was tough, but it was good. Then we had General Conference! It was way awesome on saturday, but it went by so fast! The preisthood session ended at 11 o'clock here. That's a tad late for us. Haha, but it was so awesome. I would recomend you all watch it again!
Then Sunday we came back, and Presidente Ribeiro came to do interviews between sessions. It ended up that there were some technical dificulties in the morning session (which for us started 1pm), and so President started the interviews then, first Elder Ball, then Elder Wiscomb, then me...
He started out talking about how all the leadership in the mission will change in the next 4 months, mainly because of the huge group of people that will go home in August (Including Elder Marx, Elder Taylor, Elder Martini, Elder Wiscomb, ect. Twenty something in total) A lot, I think 10 of the 14 Zone leaders are from this group) Anyway, he was talking about how all would change because of this, and would have to change now so that the new leaders could be trained. We then read in Preach my Gospel and talked about being a successful missionary. Then all of the sudden, I don't even remember where we were in the conversation, he told me that I would now be Zone leader with Elder Wiscomb! Oh my goodness, I just about died of a heart attack. Elder Ball and I are switching spots, so he will now be Elder Rodrigues´s companion. Elder Ball will be going home this transfer. He is an awesome missionary. I laughed and remarked to President that I almost trained for 1 whole week, haha. But, I am quite exited, but it is going to be a lot of work. We are in the process of changing the mission a lot and Elder Wiscomb and I are now responseble for the biggest zone in the mission. That includes the 14 missionaries in Cruz Alta, the 2 in Panambi, the 6 in Ijui, and there will be 2 more in Palmeiras this next transfer, opening up an area that has been closed for a while. Things are gonna be crazy. But also awesome. I'm quite exited.
It's quite amazing how much you learn on the mission - really amazing. You learn about everything. Being a returned missionary must prepare you so much to have a successful life."

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