Monday, March 7, 2011

A Tri-panionship

"Wow this has been quite a week. And today quite a day. Le'ts see, where should I start... A month ago in Quarai, Presidente Ribeiro was with us, and he got a call from someone wanting to go home. We thought it interesting, but things got more interesting for me, because that ended up being my next companion, Elder Neves. President had told him to try a little more, and see what happened. He was good for a few days here, but afterward he has just been falling apart again. It's a sad story. Elder Neves has a great testimony of the gospel, he has 1 year and 6 months on the mission, but he has completely lost faith in the people. Apparently he has just heard ´´no´´ too many times. Anyway, these last two weeks, while I absolutely love the area and the ward, have been the 2 hardest weeks of the mission for sure, because he didn't want to work. He refused to leave the house sometimes, and when we left, he jsut wanted to visit members. And all I could do was follow him because I don't know the area, and if I tried to go another way, he wouldn't follow me. Yesterday he left the house to call his mom without me. By the way, thats WAY against the rules. But anyway. Elder Neves is going home. Sad. But such is life sometimes. We did all we could to help him stay. Anyway, today I didn't have the time to email until now because we have been running all around the city, Elder Neves getting ready to leave. But anyway, I don't know if I told you, but we are in the same area as Elder Ball and Elder Wiscomb, the Zone Leaders, the same Ward. And so now, instead of getting a new companion, I will spend the rest of this transfer in a tri-panionship with Elder Wiscomb and Elder Ball, I'm quite exited, it will be cool and really weird to have 2 companions, but also for them both to be Americans. Many Americans never have an American companion other than the MTC. Anyway, I'm quite exited for the coming weeks!"

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