Monday, March 21, 2011

That Bow Thing that Japanese People Always Do In Movies


This week has been good. I have been starting to eat cereal more. For the first 8 months of the mission, I basically never ate cereal. It's not very popular here, and a little expensive, and there are not many options, basically just frosted flakes (called Sucrilhos here) and cocoa puffs (Nescau). But anyway I've started to eat more lately. I also make a lot of lemonade. They have a lot of these weird lemons here that are actually like, half orange. but anyway, I just grab lemons walking around during the day, and I make lemonade.

On tuesday I did a division (thats what we call it anyway in Portuguese, I think in English they say exchange, I don't know, what is it Dad?) but anyway, I went to a nearby city called Panambi, and worked with the 2 missionaries there for the day. Cruz Alta has like 80,000 people, Panambi has 30,000. we have 14 missionaries here, there are only 2 in Panambi. The church is quite weak there, just a branch that has like 25 people per sunday. But it's a cool little city. It's quite well known for being made up of mostly German descendants. And it's true. Most people are German descent there. There's a lot of German culture and some of the houses are Germanic. Elder Carvalho and Elder Lana are there. They are great. Elder Carvalho was trained by Elder Ball, and Elder Lana is being trained right now. He's brand new to the mission.

This week a crazy thing happened. Elder Ball had been saying the whole night that he wanted to order pizza when we got home, and we said we didn't want to. It was about 8:53 and we were heading home. Then Elder Ball said, let's stop by Japon├ęs real quick (thats not his name, but this guy he's Japanese, and we had only done a contact with him.) just to do a prayer in his house. Anyway, we went, and got in. It's a middle aged Japanese couple, with a nice house. They both were born in Japan, but moved here when they were 10 and 8: Mineite and Ticaco. Anyway, no sooner had we sat down than they started offering us a snack or a drink. We politely said no because we knew we didn't have time. Then all of the sudden Mineite got up and he said, ´´How about Pizza!´´ We politely said no, but he was already out the door on the way to get pizza. (Darn!) So we were stuck, we couldn't leave. But it was way cool. Ticaco's parents live with them. They are 93 years old, and don't even really speak Portuguese. We met them and they did that bow thing that Japanese people always do in movies, and we did it back. It was way funny and way cool. Her dad fought in WWII! crazy! They are both apparently a little crazy now and always try to escape the house because they think Japan is just like a mile away and they want to walk there. Haha. But anyway, we ate pizza, and it was way good. Then, they also invited us to Churrasco on Sunday. So we went to that too. Awesome! Churrasco is their form of barbeque here. It's what they do at the brazilian steakhouses. It's pretty much super awesome. Rio grande do sul is basically the capital of churrasco.
Anyways, it was quite an exiting week."

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