Monday, March 14, 2011

A Lot of 'really cool guys'

1- Zone conference yea!
2- churrasco yea!
3- baptism yea!

"Well this week was quite an excellent week.

The first two days of the week were crazy because Elder Ball, as the Zone Leader, did two exchages (Ithink that's what you call them in English) in a row, and so I was along for the trip. Tuesday was with Elder Medeiros, and the second day was with Elder Mott. Elder Mott is a way cool guy. He also plays like the same intruments as me and is going to major in Music at BYU.
We have been finding a lot of really good people. This is a really good area.
I talked on the phone with Elder Taylor this week (who is in Quarai), and 2 more people that I taught have now been baptized (*yea!*).
Saturday was the baptism of Juliano. He's a guy who Elder Ball and Elder Wisomb had already been teaching for a little while. He's a cool guy.
We have been teaching this older guy named Omar. His son and grandkids are members. He is a really cool guy. He has a lot of good questions, and has a lot of interest. He went to church yesterday, and loved it. His granddaughters sung with the youg women in sacrament meeting, and he just adored it.
One of the funny things about missionary work, is that once you have actually found good people, the elect, you don't even really have to work much, they are just ready to accept the gospel. The majority of the work is finding those people.
This week with Elder Ball and Elder Wiscomb was quite good. Elder Ball only has 2 more months on the mission. Also he is from Kaysville Utah. I think that's right by where Tiff and Dan live. Where exactly do they live? Also he saw my picture of the boys at ´´Tasty's Doughnuts´´, apparently that's right by his house.
Elder Wiscomb is from Salt Lake, apparently a few Apostles live in his neighborhood. He has 5 more months on the mission. He is from the same group as Elder Marx and Elder Taylor (meaning they will go home at the same time) He was the Executive Secretary before Elder Jones (my roomate from the MTC) was. Probably both of them will finish their missions here in this area. It has been awesome to finally have people that want to work hard as companions.
Well, have an awesome week!"

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