Monday, October 25, 2010

Life in Quarai

Elder Poulsen displays his culinary skills:

Elder Poulsen claims he is in Montana. But we know better!

"Well, this week has been swell. I have been doing a bit of reading around here. I am now in Mosiah in O Livro De Mormon, I started O Novo Testamento the other day, and I am in Psalms in the Old Testament.
Last night we took a 5 hour bus ride to Santa Maria, so that's where I am right now. Elder Martinia has to sign something here or something like that. Whatever. Haha
I bought some sweet Brazilian envelopes the other day because my Americans ones are out. You should be recieving one soon.

I think things are really improving for us around here. We have been working hard trying to find new people, we finally found a family the other day that was really interested. Hopefully things go well!
It is getting HOT around here. Like crazy. Nothing is more fun than walking around in the Brazilian sun all day in nice missionary clothes! Haha!

I was thinking the other day how funny it is when we help people pray, because its just like when we help the little kids learn how to pray at dinner. Haha. And then some people when we ask them to pray they respond, "Oh but I already prayed once today for lunch."

Our house that we live in isn't in our area, it's in the center of the city. We heard the other day that the missionaries of our area use to live in our area, but then they got robbed... haha. Good to know! We also had interviews with President Ribeiro the other day, that was pretty cool. One thing I have realized is that the harder you work, the more you love the Mission.

To be quite honest, the church is fairly weak here. We are so blessed in Fresno to have so many members, you may not realize the difference it makes.
Yesterday all of our plans fell through. that was pretty awesome. Haha, but things worked out. Also I gave my second talk in sacramement meeting. I gave my first a month ago, I dont know if I told you. Also, yesterday was the big rivalry gameday for soccer. Internacional and Grémio, the two big teams here in Rio Grande faced each other.
Well I hope everyone is doing awesome!"

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