Monday, October 4, 2010

"I Love You Alex Dragon" in Brazil

Elder Poulsen included a picture of his desk this week. Featured, is his binder with his favorite picture ever on the front. (Boone was the artist)

" It's weird that it will start snowing there soon because its starting to get really hot here. I learned a fun thing the other day, as cold as everyone says Santa Maria is in the winter, I was told there happens to be a hole in the ozone above my mission. Well that's handy. Can´t wait till summer.

That's awesome about Chris, I hope he is well, and I hope my letter that I sent to him like a month ago has somehow found it's way to him.

Here's what I usually eat-
Breakfast- 1 or 2 bananas, chocolate milk or Tang ( they have bastante tang around here, pretty awesome, reminds me about being 5.) and then doce de leite ( like carmel but more milky and delicious) with maria crackers ( this sugar cracker thing) yummy. Breakfast isn't a very big deal around here because of...
LUNCH! - we usually always have this at a member's house.
Lunch is the main meal of the day here. Usually beans and rice, and then meat, pasteis, these things that they call pankakes but are actually just enchiladas (ridiculous i know), guaranĂ¡, salad ( that usually means just a bunch of dark green lettuce and no dressing) and all manner of deliciousness.
Dinner- Nothing!
Well, usually nothing.
Well, pretty much always.
Then when we get home we usually eat something little. For me that usually means just about the same as what I have for breakfast. Doce de leite and crackers... yum.

We went to Livramento this week for Zone Meeting and are going this coming week for Zone Conference. It is another border town 1 hour away and it is 1 billion times bigger than Quarai. We have 4 missionaries in all of Quarai, they have like 16 there. The border there is cool because its all basically on city, and the border bisects a park.
I am currently reading the Livro de Mormon in portugues. I should finish 1 Nephi tommorrow. I am reading it all outloud to help my pronunciation. I can understand most of it, but some of the words my companion doesn't even know. Haha

This one guy we taught was super into ham radio, I didnt know this, maybe Dad does, but when you make contacts with random people across the world, they usually send post cards to each other with pictures of them or something, so this guy had tons of post cards from all over the world from people he had contacted, some from CA, pretty cool. Our investigator Ana has quit smoking, her baptism is on Saturday!

General conference was awesome. I got to see pretty much all of it... in English! Me and the other American Elder watched it together in a seperate room. For the Preisthood, this Brazilian watched it with us that served in Boston. There are 2 Portugues branches there. He said that guy Pres. Monson talked about, who played basketball and teaches at Harvard, is like the best member missionary ever. He has lessons at his house with the missionaries like every week with super smart people, you know, Harvard people. He said usually only the APs got to teach there. Haha.

Also I learned something way cool, the General Authorities who speak portugues ( and I'm sure other languages too), like Elder Neil Anderson, and Elder Richard G Scott, record themselves giving their talk in Portugues beforehand, and then during Conference, they play that in the Portugues places, pretty awesome!
Also, the hours were wierd becasue of the time difference. The priesthood session ended at like 11pm for us. Us missionaries got to stay up a little past our bedtime... hahaha. Also, afterward I was thinking Seth, Connor and Dad were probably going Red Robin or something right then, as is custom.
Also, I got to catch the end of Music and the Spoken word on Sunday, I really liked it.
Tell Elder Lawrence that his voice was heard in the tiny little town of Quarai, Brazil. I really liked his talk. It was awesome. And I told all my missionary friends that I knew him."

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