Monday, September 27, 2010


"Well this week we marked my first baptism. The girl, Ana, that I told you about last week, she has just been tearing up the Book of Mormon. In the past week she has read up to Mosiah, and other stuff we have marked. She had a problem with smoking, and told us that she couldn´t smoke while reading the Book of Mormon. AWESOME. She has almost quit smoking and a week ago she smoked 1 1/2 packs a day. Her baptism is scheduled for 9/10/10.

This week also a dog tried to pee on me, and a kid gave me a giant die. There was some thunder the other day and it reminded me of the time like a year and a half ago when there was this super awesome monster lightning storm and Connor and I watched it from the roof. Lightning storms are awesome.

Also, we have been teaching this other lady and she has really been liking the lessons. She came to church on Sunday and liked it, I'm almost positive she will be baptised too.
Speaking of church, we finally got some people to come to church. The first week, we had none, 1 less active the second, and then this week we had 3 less active families and 2 investigators. FINALLY.

This week we had lunch at the house of a lady who didn't speak Portugues or Spanish. She spoke Portanhol. Seriously. She wouldn´t stay in one language for more than a sentence. She was just weaving in and out. Quite funny. I could understand most of it though.

Everyone wears flip flops here, even inside, because it is often dirty inside.
I have been recognized multiple times as have the same last name as a jogador de futebol. There's a player named Christian Poulsen, as I'm sure you remember. Has Chris reported to the MTC yet?

I pretty much always have blisters, thats pretty awesome.
Our ward mission leader is crazy, he is really weird and funny. Like, beyond weird. He always calls me Americano Trunky. I think he probably calls all the American missionaries here that. haha!
You know someone has money here if they actually have a shower curtain or something. For most people, the shower is just a shower head and a drain in the bathroom, there is no seperation from the rest of the bathroom.

I'm at this werid thing right now where I am starting to be uncomphortable speaking English because I don't speak it very much. As you can see I just misspelled uncomfortable. Also, they make things like enchiladas here, but they call it pankackes. Ridiculous.

Yesterday I gave my first talk in Portugues. It was about 10 miuntes long. Also, I gave my first blessing in Portugues the other day. I had been planning on doing the annointing, the easy part, and then Elder Martini told me I was doing the sealing, the hard part. haha!"

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