Monday, September 20, 2010

Where to find a Japanese Recorder

Today we got an email from Elder Poulsen with a bunch more pictures. Yeah! It is so fun to see him in his element! The first picture is of him standing in Brazil with Uruguay in the background. The second one is of him in an investigator's house fixing/playing their guitar. Lucky Alex! The last one is of him and his companion at the Uruguay border.

"Ahora, Yo Estoy en Uruguay, Agora. Eu Sou em Uruguai, Right now, I´m in Uruguay.
There it is in three languages!

Last week, in Uruguay, an American missionary, serving in Brazil, bought a Japanese made recorder, in a bag made in India.
That was me.
The first thing I learned to play was the Hobbit song from LOTR. Yea.

Lately I have been eating alot of Goiabada, basically this jam stuff made out of Guava, and Doce de Leite, which can´t be compared to anything. It's just awesome and delicious.

The border of Urugay is basically just a big river, you just walk over the bridge, and you are in Uruguay.
I have been reading a lot in Portugues, Nosso Legato, which is the Book, Our Heritage a History of the Church, and I´m going to start o Livro de Mormon once I finish it in Ingles.

Yesterday a sister in our branch told me that my Portugues is better than that of my companion's old companion, who had been out for 4 months. Good for me, or just really bad for him...

Yesterday was some gaucho holiday. Like everyone was out on their horses in the street, all dressed up. On any given day, if something is coming down the street, my first guess is a motorcycle, then horse, then car. Also, everyone and their dog has five dogs here. There are a bajillion. Most of them are probably homeless.

Here's a cool story:
This house we go to (the house of brick the size of my bedroom, it's in the pictures I sent of me playing guitar), 2 of the kids are members, and we have been teaching the mom, also, their cousin living there.
She is 18 and has a child that can walk. The first time I saw her, she was dishelved, smoking, and sipping chimarrao (a hot drink here) in a corner. Earlier this week, we stopped by, and taught just her. It was really good. It was the first time we had really been able to teach her. The other times she was always in another room or something. We gave her the Book of Mormon and told her to pray about it.
She read the part twice, prayed, and felt really good. The next time, she started reading from the begining, and we didn´t even ask her to! Well I must go, story in progress."


  1. Doce de Leite actually can be compared quite easily to Caramel, because that's basically what it is. You can make it by cooking an unopened can of condensed milk in a pressure cooker for about an hour, then waiting for it to cool completely before opening it. We used to buy churros filled with doce de leite - awesome!

    I wasn't a fan of goiabada while I was in Sao Paulo, but my son ate it a lot in Recife.

    Even though we just see Alex next to his companion, it's probably the case that he's at least a head or more taller than most brazilians, and he probably can't stand up straight on the buses without hitting his head on the ceiling.

  2. Thank you Bill - excellent to have more perspective from you!