Monday, October 18, 2010

Read Conference Talks

"Well I have already been here for one whole transfer! How did that happen so fast!?!?!

I remembered this story the other day. At our Zone Conference, this Elder asked about the shaking of the dust from your feet as condemnation upon those who reject the gospel, and my President was just like, "No, you dont want to do that." He said he had a companion on his mission who had done it. Wow. He said you should'nt do it unless the spirit clearly and strongly tells you to do it. And then the Elder said, "So how do you do it?" And our President wasn't going to tell us, and the Elder was like, "But what if the spirit tells me to do it and I'm just sitting there thinking, HOW!?!?!" Hahah it was way funny.

There are like a bajillion dogs here, like I've said, and they are frequently just laying on the ground sleeping, and so we always joke that they are dead. But the other day, we saw a dog that really was dead. No doubt about it... haha

We frequently ask people for water, especially when we are door contacting and people don't have time. And the other day, I drunk out of the dirtiest cup of all time. It was horendous. Some people just don't really clean their dishes around here and it's not like I can just say, "oh, just kidding, actually I don't want it."

The other day this kid was riding a skateboard by the church and I totally did a kickflip on it. It was the most lixo board I have ever ridden. It like didn't even roll and didn't have grip tape. Every time I moved on it i could hear it crack a little more. Haha. Then I was talking to my companion, who is from Sao Paulo, and he brought up Bob Burnquist, and I said, "He used to live in your state, but now he lives in mine, haha"

Yesterday we did a lesson with a guy that was like almost a Pastor apparently. He knew a lot of scriptures from the Bible, and prayed really funny.

Lots of people comment on my eye color here because nobody has blue eyes.
Things are going pretty well here. there is a lot of work to do.
Elder Marx and I made American pancakes for lunch last p-day. They were deliciously awesome. We had to make syrup out of this weird maple immitation concentrate though. But Doce de Leite is super delicious on pancakes.

I think this week we might be buying a Tatu to eat (no Dad, not that Russion Technopop Band). You can look that up if you want.
Portugues is coming along, it's pretty awesome to be reading O Livro de Mormon.
Brazil just did the time change, so i am now 4 hours ahead of you. Which means I wake up at 2:30am California time, and go to sleep 6:30pm. Weirdness.

Well I hope everyone is having a good week and doing everything you are supposed to be doing (seriously, read conference talks)"

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