Monday, October 11, 2010

The Picture You Have All Been Waiting For

"Well this was an excellent week. I sent some super good letters last week so hopefully they arrive soon.
Well I have somewhat established a morning routine, wake up at 6:30 ( Seth remember, every morning when you wake up for seminary, remember that I have already been awake for 3 hours, ha), do some push ups and sit ups, then take a shower, then some breakfast, then sing a hymn, and read some conference talks and then O LDM.

In the last week or so, have really realized the great importance of Conference, and specifically Conference in written form. We always download conference on our ipods and tell ourselves we are going to listen, but never get around to it. It is awesome having the magazines because you can start and stop easily, in small portions or big, and mark parts you like. I have been reading a lot of Conference discourses lately, and they are really awesome. If we followed all the counsel therein, we would be set. It is of course awesome to listen and watch conference when it is broadcasted, but when we read it again afterward, we learn and apply like twice as much. And because of this, I challenge each of you, my family, to read at least one Conference discourse a week. Get the magazine, and read it in a queit place. It doesnt take long, like 5 minutes. Some hat I recommend are the discourses by Elder Holland, Elder Mcallister, Elder Bednar, and Elder Ballard from Oct 09 Conference, the one Dad, Seth and I went to. This is the Conference I have been reading the last few days. It is way good. Also, I think I'm always going to use the word discourse now in place of talk, its way cooler. In Portuguese they are called Discursos, thats why.

Anyway, this week we had zone conference for 2 days in Livramento. It was awesome to get lots of letters and the package, thanks a ton! We learned a lot in zone conference. It was pretty sweet. We saw some people do capoeira in the street, and Elder Silva Santos joined in, it was way funny. I greatly enjoyed the tape. It was super awesome. It was funny, as I was listening, my brain was automatically transating stuff into Portugues. Haha.

Yesterday was awesome because we had my first baptism! And I got to baptize her so that's pretty sweet, and i didn't mess up at all - first try! Haha. But really, it was a really cool, really great experience, you could really feel it. As you can see, I included some pictures."

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