Monday, November 1, 2010

Brazilian Money Dosn't Have Dead People On It

This week was a week.
In Santa Maria a week ago in the mission office I met a Sister Draut, whose parents apparently work with Grandma and Grandpa at the Institute every day - small world.

Another fun experience, its always fun when you are teaching a lesson and the guy busts out his pouch of tobbacco and his fancy cigarro paper and starts rolling it up.

Also we were just walking the other day, and this guy on a motorcylce slowed down, gave us a bottle of Guaraná and then drove away. Unfortunately they dont really have a word for ´random´like we do.

It is interesting being with someone from another country all day. there are so many differences between the countries. They other day I was trying to explain the concept of "The American Dream" to Elder Martini. But he didn't get it.

I figured it was about time I
said that Brazil money is super awesome. It comes in lots of different colors, and they all have sweet jungle animals on them instead of dead people or old buildings, haha. Also, they don't really have a 1 Real bill. It is very rare, actually against the law to use now, but I got one the other day because people down here in the south don't realize. The 2 Reais bill is basically the equivelent of our 1 dollar, and then they have a sweet coin for 1 Real. Also weird, is that they have a billion types of coins. For example, they have various sizes and colors of the 10 centavos coin.

Today was cool because this morning we played soccer, (can you believe it took me 3 months in Brazil before i finally played?!?) Anyway, it was pretty sweet, we played with some of the kids from our Branch. Playing with them is like a whole different ball game. haha. It was fun though. I scored a few goals and played goalie for a while too.
We are working hard here, there is a lot to be done here. A lot.

Last week I bought myself a sweet Grémio jersey. Grémio is one of the two big teams in Rio Grande do sul. Everyone (literally everyone) likes either Gremio or Internacional.

Well theres another extremely unorganized email for you all, I hope you enjoyed it, love you all, bye!"

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