Monday, November 8, 2010

"Only You Two Could Know Such a Thing"

"At the beginning of the week (and still a little bit), I was crazy sore after playing foot-ball last pday.

On Tuesday, we went to the cemetery for a few hours... to make contacts... haha. Tuesday was Dia dos mortos or something, so everyone goes to the cemetery to remember dead people, literally everyone. and then we teach them about O Plano de Salvação. The cemeteries here are crazy weird, most of the people aren't buried... haha they have these mini house things for like, every family (if you have the money), and they all the people are put in the house thing, look it up one the internet.

Wednesday was super awesome because I found out I have an ingrown toenail. Another funny thing, there are usually bones on the ground all over the place here becuase everyone cooks stuff with all the bones and all the fat, and then after everyone has eaten, they throw the bones out for the 10 million dogs around here.

Also the letters k, w, and y are really weird to me now because they aren't used in Portugues. Really English in general is weird.

On Thursday I used the cake mix you sent me to make cake for this kid's birthday in a partmember family. He wouldn't have had cake if i didn't bring it, so that was nice to do. They all said it was like the best cake ever. I don't think they have funfetti in Brazil.

There are like a brazillian (number close to gazillion) churches around here. Like seriously, people make another church out of their house like everyday. We use this a lot in lessons ´´Porque tem tantas igrejas?´

Friday was certainly the funniest day. One thing we do to illustrate that there should only be one church, is that we ask ´´How many Gods do we have?´´ the other day we were at this old gaucho´s house. He was what we would call around here, a moco. He said he believed in Christ and all that stuff, and we asked this question and he replied. ´Bah, não sei, só vocés podem saber isso.´´ and I'm not sure how I did not laugh out of my chair. This means ´´Bah, I dunno, only you two could know such a thing` Afterward, we laughed for like 10 minutes about this, and still laugh about it. It's extremely funny, but also illustrates something a bit more serious - the serious lack of education around here.
Also, big F1 race happened in Brazil the other day, I'm sure Dad and Connor know all about it. I kept seeing it on all the TVs I saw. I think Hamilton was winning.

Saturday was really cool. We have been teaching these guys named Lucas, Hellinton, and Valdemar. Lucas and Hellinton are brothers, and Valdemar is a friend who lives with them, and then there is one other guy that lives with them too. They are about 18 years old, and basically live alone. Lucas and Hellinton´s parents own the house, but work out on a ranch and only come every week or two. On Saturday, it was really cool because we had already given Lucas the Book of Mormon, and taught him all about it and stuff. We asked him if he had prayed, and how he felt. He replied somewhat like this, ´´I believe I came to know that it is true. It felt really weird. Nothing I´ve ever felt before in my life. I didn't know what was happening. ´´ And with a smile he added, ´´I was totally lost´´. That was a really cool experience because I could really tell that he had recieved that burning witness from the Holy Ghost. He went to church yesterday, and said he plans on continuing.

Being a Missionary is the coolest thing ever,
Love you all, bye!"

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