Monday, November 15, 2010

Who's That White Guy???

Well, last Monday we had Elder Silva Santos with us, because Elder Marx had to go to Santa Maria. It was kinda weird, but cool to have the 3 of us.

The other day it was literally raining buckets of water. It was crazy crazy crazy. Literally, it was raining 5 times as hard as I have ever seen in my life.

We ran in to a person of Batuque the other day. That was interesting. You can look that up on Wikipedia.

Inactives can be really frustrating because you talk to them about going to church, and they just say ´´Oh, I'm not ready.´´ or ´´I don't feel worthy.´´ or ´´I´ll wait until God touches my heart.´´. That last one is the most ridiculous of all, because God isn't sitting up there withholding things from us. He wants everyone in church NOW. Extremely frustrating. Anyway, ranting section over.

The other day we had a really really good planning session. We made a list of all the people we are teaching, cut it in half, and then decided which 5 we are going to baptize in this month.
We taught some super hardcore Evangelicals the other day. Their mode of prayer is interesting. So we went along with it. When they pray they all stand up, and everyone says a prayer simultaneously. Its quite the mess of noise. It's hard to think about what you are saying.

The other night on the way home this drunk guy from Uruguay stopped us and was trying to talk to us. I didn´t understand much because he was drunk and speaking Spanish. But I did get that he was trying to tell us he was from the Federal Police. ha ha. Crazy drunk people.

I am having more and more trouble speaking English without using Portuguese words on accident. It's pretty ridiculous. But conversely I always say an English word at least once a day when I am speaking Portuguese.

This weekend the people in our branch had a Temple Trip. All the people who wanted to go got on a bus for like 10 hours to go to Porto Alegre. We are quite blessed to have like 10 temples within 10 hours of our house.
I was thinking, and one of the big problems here and probably the biggest problem in the world, is that people try to find happiness the easy way. But they never can really find it, and they are often to lazy to put forth the effort to find real happiness, content with what they have. Alma was right when he said, ´´wickedness never was happiness´´.

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  1. Trevor Decker, my son, was Alex's roommate at BYU. Elder Decker asked me to find his blog. He has a lot of admiration for Elder Poulsen. Glad to see he's doing so well! Elder Decker's blog: