Monday, August 8, 2011

Transfers and Long Bus Rides

Unfortunately this letter is going to have to be quite quick. My p-day
is now going to normally be on Fridays, but this week its actually
going to be on Thursday, cuz friday we have a conference.

I got transferred again.
Here's the story:
This week on Tuesday night, Elder Gonzaga arrived, he is super awesome.
I've known him for a while, and he is a super awesome missionary, I was
way exited to be companions with him, so we worked Tuesday night and
Wednesday, and it was way awesome. Then we left Wednesday night for
Santa Maria for Zone leader conference there. It was an awesome
meeting thing we had, and then we went back. Unfortunately for us, in
Uruguaiana, the bus ride is 7 hours, and the bus only leaves at
midnight. So basically we got back to Uruguaiana in the morning, took
a shower, and started studying. After personal study was over,
Presidente Ribeiro called me and was like, "So did you guys travel
well?" I told him we did, and he then proceeded to tell me that we
would have to come back, and that I would be transferred. So we had to
come back to Santa Maria on Sunday. so I just got here last night, and
I am now in Santa Maria.

My new companion is Elder Albrechtsen. He is
from Glendora, California. It's gonna be sweet. I'm exited. Our area is
basically right in the middle of Santa Maria. In fact, the ward's name
is simply called, Santa Maria. Well I've got to go. I've got stuff to

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