Friday, August 19, 2011

Little Brothers, Prepare Well for Your Missions!

Weather is super crazy around here. It's supposed to be winter here, but half the days here are like, cloudless hot days, the other half are cloudy and rainy, like today.

So this last week Elder Albrechtsen and I had an awesome experience. President gave us this book called The Law of the Harvest to look through. And there was this section called The Book of Mormon Loan program, a proselyting technique, we both loved it, and decided to try it out.
So we got some used Books of Mormon, and went out to an apartment complex, knocking on everyone's door, presenting to them the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, telling them we´d like to loan them a copy for a few days for them to read it and get to know it. Then we would come by in a few days and see how they liked it. We found some way cool people doing this. And it's awesome because it's one of the best ways possible to apply Presidente Benson's talk about the BOM when he says that the BOM is the great sieve to sort out the wheat from the tares. So true.
We come by after a few days. Those who read and liked it, we teach. Those who didn't read or didn't like it, we take the book back and give it to someone else.

The first night we did this, we found Maiara, a college student. She was quite interested in the book. We came back a few days later, and she said she had read a few things and liked it. We asked if we could come in and explain the book's real importance. She accepted. We taught her the whole Restoration. She really felt the spirit. She said, ´´I really feel that this is true!´´ We challeged her to read more of the BOM, she said, ´´Well of course I will!´´

We came back 2 days later, she had already read 80 pages! Thats like 15 chapters a day! She told us of the marvelous spirit she felt as she read and told us how she felt as she prayed. She loves the Book of Mormon, she told us she was going to read the whole thing. She will be baptized soon.

Little brothers, prepare well for your missions. It will be the best thing of your lives.

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