Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally a Brazilian Companion Again

This week was a bit tough for us. Tons of appointments fell through. But we have some really really awesome investigators we are working with. We found this 18 year old guy named Brendo at his grandma´s house and he was way good! But unfortunately he doesn't live in our area, but we taught him the whole restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon, he said he would for sure be baptized when he gets an answer to his prayers, and then we passed his address to other Elders.

I have forgotten to say, but here, we have been living in 4 - four Americans: Me, Belnap, Elder Taylor (the same one that was with me in Quarai) and Elder Billings. This week was crazy because it was the last week of ´´the big group´´, the group of Elder Taylor, Elder Martini, Elder Marx, Elder Wiscomb, and a lot of other guys. It's been crazy. It's a huge group leaving, so the transfer has been crazy. Elder Belnap is going to Livramento to be a trainer, and Elder Gonzaga will be my new comp! Finally a Brazilian comp again! Haha. It was cool how we did the transfers. Me and Belnap got an email with all the transfers, printed it out, and then we gathered the whole zone together at the church, put our name tags in a bag, and then picked them out, and the person got to pick if they wanted to know their area, companion, or calling first, it was fun.

Anyways, Elder Gonzaga is way awesome. He is from Recife. He became district leader the same time I did. He was the other district leader in the zone. I'm way exited about it. Anyways, everyone keep having an awesome summer, and awesome trip, and an awesome life!

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