Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Big City

Me and Elder Albrechtsen!

View from our Apartment

Best purchase ever! I can not believe I found these!

So here's what's happened in the last week and a half.

On the first of the month we got the transfers, and I found out I´d be with Elder Gonzaga. I was way excited. He is awesome. I had already known him before.

So then the transfers happened, and so on Tuesday, I ended up with Elder Valdivia, us waiting for our companions to get here. He's a cool guy, way funny. Then at 7 we went to the bus station and got our companions, went home dropped off our stuff, and then we went to a visit we had marked with Bitto, a way cool guy. His wife is a pastor, but he doesnt like other churches, but really likes our visits.

Wednesday we had an awesome day of work. Elder Gonzaga is awesome. A guy with unexhaustable energy to do contacts with everybody and teach everybody.
Then the next day we headed to Santa maria for Zone Leader Conference, so we spent the whole night sleeping on the bus, and then got to Santa Maria at like 4 in the morning.

The counsel was really awesome, especially since I got to talk to Elder Tafoya ( who is in Cruz Alta) about how David, Rafael, Patricia, and all them are doing, that was something so gratifying, to hear how well they are doing. David is thinking about serving a mission, his mom and stepdad (who has a super firm testimony of the Book of Mormon) are going to get married and Baptized, Rafael bought a suit to go to church in - awesome stuff.
And super funny thing - apparently they (Patricia, Rafael, and that whole family) found the blog that mom makes from these emails, and they put it through Google translator, hahahaha. So they were reading it and found it funny how much I talked about them. Wow! Good stuff.

Anyway, then we travelled all night back home, and got back to Uruguaiana at 6:30 in the morning, just in time to wake up, haha. So we went home, took a shower, and started our personal study. Shortly after personal study, President Ribeiro called me, asked me how the trip went, I told him it was good, and he then told me we would have to come back and I was like, "why?" and he told me I would be Elder Albrechtsen's new companion here in Santa Maria.
I was exited but also kind of annoyed. I only spent a transfer and a week in Uruguaiana. But hey, I'm not in charge of this am I?
It's the second time President has put me with a companion I really liked, and then called me somewhere else a week later. Pois é.
I´m leaving behind some awesome investigators, but they´ll get baptized. One of our best is this guy named Jilnei. He is really good. He is over halfway done with the Book of Mormon right now, and he started like a month ago.

I´m exited about the new area. part of our area is right in the center of Santa Maria. Like right in the big city, pretty crazy, especially since in the rest of my mission I've been in relatively ´´rural´´ parts. We have been thinking a lot about how we can prosylyte effectively in big apartment buildings and stuff.

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