Monday, June 27, 2011


Well here I am in Uruguaiana. It's pretty nice. There's a picture from my house up there.
The weirdest part about Uruguaiana is that it is completely flat. Cruz Alta was absolutely hilly. It took me about this whole week to not get weirded out by it.
We met some excellent people this week.
We taught a recent convert's mom named Deizi. She said that she had read some of the church pamphlets and felt like it must be the right church. She also said that she saw pictures of here daughter´s baptism and felt like it was the true baptism. We taught her and she wants to be baptized.
We found some other awesome people too. But other than that the week was tough. We are both quite new here. I am brand new, and Elder Belnap only has 3 weeks here. That brings me to my next subject, my new comp.
Elder Belnap is a pretty awesome guy. He's way funny. He's fun to work with. He goes home in 2 transfers. We also found out that I know his cousins. They used to live in Clovis. Do you remember the Grigg family? They lived in Clovis a while ago, then moved away, anyway, they are Elder Belnap´s cousins, his first name is Greg.
This week we baptized Luis. He is 15 and the son of a recent convert - a cool kid.
Uruguaiana is going to be a sweet city to work in. I'm in Vila Julia. I'm excited!

Have an awesome week - gotta go!!

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