Monday, July 4, 2011

HAPPY 4th of Julho

Well this week was an awesome awesome week. Some huge changes happened. On Tuesday I did a division with Elder Gillett, up in the north side of the city, to train him as the new district leader of one of our districts here.
The next day was quite awesome. President gave us 2 Ensign articles to study for the zone conference this week, and told us to read 2 Nephi 27. Anyway, I was studying ´´Flood the earth with the Book of Mormon´´ by President Benson and had a very spiritual experience, studying this and pondering on it throughout the day. By the afternoon, I had realized that I needed to start walking with the Book of Mormon in hand, and use it in contacts, I just felt like we had to use it in a much more dynamic way. So I started doing it that night, and I loved it. Then the next day, we had zone conference, and Presidente told us exactly what the spirit told me the day before. We have to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon. It was a really really good zone conference. I'm so exited. What Elder Belnap and I have started doing is introducing the Book of Mormon at the begining of the first lesson, briefly, and then using it to teach. It has been most excellent. We really are guided by the spirit when we really look for it.
This next week we are going to baptize a girl named Gabriela. She is awesome. Yesterday, on her second time at church, she bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting about the Book of Mormon. Wow. It was awesome. Anyway, I'll have to write more about her next week. I must go!

Mother's note: only six awesomes!

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