Monday, July 18, 2011

"What? You guys are leaving already?"

Baptism of Gabriela

Well this week had good results.
Let's see. So this week Elder Belnap and I have been working hard on making our teaching a lot more simple and spiritual, and I believe it has been working out well. We have also been focusing on really helping people know how to pray to recieve an answer, cuz a lot of people don't actually know, and we assume they do.

We have been teaching a guy named Ginlei that will be baptized soon. He is 30 and divorced. He also has a broken leg. Here's basically his story up untill now:
Late one night (like 9pm) we were going home, and I realized I hadn't reached my personal goal for contacts with men in the day. So I did a quick silent prayer asked God to just put people in my way, and I would talk to them. So Gilei was the first guy I saw. He was standing up on his porch on crutches. I talked to him and we marked to return later. On first visit I left with him the Book of Mormon, and marked 2 Nephi 31 for him to read. We got there the next appointment, and he had read to Words of Mormon. so then we taught him more, and got him reading from the begining. He is really feeling the spirit very strong in the lessons, and liking it a lot. He told us he would do anything he could to get to church on Sunday, even walk. But we found a ride for him. He went to church and loved it. He even participated in the classes and stuff, volunteering to read parts of the manual. We don't have a date marked for him, but we are going to make it happen!

We also taught a guy named Willian. his wife wasn't there, but they are a young couple. They will go to church next week. He liked our lesson a lot, and also felt the spirit. We were going to leave at one point, we were ending the lesson, and he was like, 'What? You guys are leaving already? Nooo stay and keep teaching me! " So we stayed. I'm quite exited about them.

This week we also taught a guy named Andre. He is really cool. He was studying to be a Padre like 20 years ago, but got kicked out because he got caught doing ''questionable activities'' with a woman studying to be a nun. Though he was perhaps a bit foolish as a yonger man, he is very interesting, and respects the church a lot. He was very exited to recieve the Book of Mormon.

On Friday we had 8 appointments and all but 2 fell through, so that was tough.

Baptism of Luiz

Thats called a pala, its like those mexican panchos.

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